St. Mary's Elementary School

Uniform Policy

The wearing of a school uniform is a decision made by the school community. It will be strictly enforced throughout the year. Each student is REQUIRED to be in the following uniform:

  • Grey Pants
  • St. Mary’s Crested Polo Shirt
  • St. Mary’s Crested Burgundy Cardigan
  • Grey or White Socks
  • Grey Walking Short (Optional for Summer) 
  • Tartan Jumper (Kindergarten – Grade 3)
  • Tartan Skirt (Grade 4 – Grade 7)
  • St. Mary’s Crested Polo Shirt
  • St. Mary’s Crested Burgundy Cardigan
  • Navy Blue Knee Socks or Tights
  • Grey Walking Shorts or Grey Skorts (Optional for Summer) 
Gym Strip for all: 
    St. Mary’s Crested Burgundy T-Shirt St. Mary’s Crested Grey Short Running Shoes & White Sport Socks 
  • Plain Black Low Heeled Dress Shoes
  • Plain Black Running Shoes 
Grade 7: 
  • Graduation Sweatshirt alternative to Cardigan 

Please Note:

Warm weather months will be announced at the Principal’s discretion.

At regular intervals uniform checks will be conducted to ensure conformity with the uniform policy as well as condition of garments (i.e. excessive wear or damaged clothing is not acceptable).

Everything but socks and shoes must be purchased from Neat Uniforms .

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